We are able to advise on how lump sum investing works.  Investing does not need to be a risky business; it can be as safe or as risky as you want it to be.  However, the potential returns you can expect from your investments will be linked to the level of risk you decide to take.  The first section of the guide deals with establishing your risk profile, the essential first step in deciding on suitable investments. This guide then goes onto explain the different types of investment classes available and how to decide on the right mix of these investment types for you. We then go on to introduce some of the different collective investment vehicles available to the lump sum investor.  This section of the guide also explains the tax-treatment of these investment vehicles.  This guide also contains a section explaining some of the alternatives to lump sum investments, just in case one of these alternatives suits your situation better. When you see the return your new investment portfolio generates year on year  you will probably be interested in how well it has performed.  The section of the guide on performance monitoring and benchmarking explains some of the ways of doing this. Designed By: alt|Source Copyright © 2019 Carleton Financial Planning All Rights Reserved.